Trump’s Opportunity

Trump could be successful President in Economic terms, he moved over the top in the election with a huge populist win of the disaffected, the group Bernie Sanders courted, the group that were dismissed by the elitest Democrats.

But anyway, now the Donald has his work cut out for him to keep this group. Some hurdles are becoming obvious and no doubt this voter group will try to have patience.

Number one hurdle:

The Donald believes money is the measure of the man, and a few women. Can he get results for the disaffected group by hiring smart wealthy administrators who have lived for themselves  and have profited and exist through survivors luck ( all the others like them who took the risk and fell on their faces over the years are not welcome).

Second Hurdle is that the Donald believes in the discredited trickle down economic theory.

Third Hurdle is that the Donald has little real empathy for the issues of the Disaffected group.

So how is this going to play out.

1) We are a 70 % consumer economy.

2) The top down philosophy of the Trump policies will require an energetic, optimistic consumer to buy all the exuberant products the top wants to sell. How as that going to happen with a health insurance and trade disruption?

3) It is ironic that the new administration is heavily weighted to the number one declining industry in this country, Oil, even the World poster child, Saudi Arabia is trying to sell its assets.

These conflicting issues provided us the platform for the long gold/long T-Bond, Fear Trade back on December 21 2016. Short stocks will probably not be far behind.

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