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A New Year Beckons..

This post is after the close of trading on Friday, December 30, 2022. This has been a year where again the FED’s refusal to allow the economy to function on its own dominated the action. Following 2021’s FED refusal to…Continue Reading →

Signal Held on Monday

More compression, means more power. For a little more perspective here is another of my favorite charts, the macro, Long SPX, Long 2 YR notes, Short dollar. It is in breakout mode at the 153 day average, back filling and…Continue Reading →

Showing the Truth

The market knows more than the FED. While everyone expects the FED to be hawkish and overkill tomorrow, the interest rate markets continue to say the FED has hiked enough. My favorite chart, 2 yr vs 3 mo. A downtrend…Continue Reading →