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Flattening Yield Curve

The Flattening yield curve is an environment where the difference between long-term and short-term interest rates narrows. In a market based economy a narrowing curve usually indicates rising short-term interest rates and this tends to slow the economy. In a…Continue Reading →

Day 27, and a Full Moon

Back in my younger trader days, the full moon was something to always be mindful.  In the current macro-world it is just a moment in the 27th day of the top formation, but could be one to remember.

Deflation Update

To follow up on our long held view that deflation based on the long delayed cyclical deleveraging process (QE2 and QE3 as delayers) is the biggest risk that we face, here is a link to a Bloomberg article on deflation…Continue Reading →

Inequality and Growth

The IMF takes a new tack on Inequality, this is for an organization that many in government think means “Its Mostly Fiscal”.   An article in the New York Times today points out a shift in policy that could have far…Continue Reading →