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Day 52

Today we are an hour and a half from a Fed decision and 52 days out from the May 11 start of the bottoming process. Most stocks and sectors, especially deep tech, are well above the 52-day average and more…Continue Reading →

Relaxing time…

Last week I took some time off to relax and consolidate my thinking. The intense bottoming period between May 11 and June 16 was behind us, as the critical, what I call Practical Tech Sectors, called the market turn. Now,…Continue Reading →

Fed Followers…

Days like yesterday illustrate how well Jerome has done his job as he sees it. It has been reported that he has said the most important thing is what the market thinks the FED will do, not what it actually…Continue Reading →

Where We Are…

This past week I believe we have seen a number of things resolved based on activity over the May 11 to June 16 period: In commodity prices we have seen a top on June 9th and a downturn confirmed. We…Continue Reading →

Crash Warnings

My inbox this past weekend seemed to be overflowing with Crash Warnings, all the big names chiming in. I share those concerns, but don’t think it will happen while artificial forces are in control. It will come later, in coming…Continue Reading →

The New Leaders

I am a believer in the concept that the leaders in a New Market phase are defined by which stocks do well during a bottoming process. That is what we have been following since the May 11th lows set the…Continue Reading →