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Performance Update….Ocober 31, 2008

Here are the numbers from the Marketocracy Tracking Portfolio of our total positions for the Month of October, Year to Date, and past 12 months versus the S&P 500 Index.                                            October 2008              Year to Date          Past 12 Months S&P…Continue Reading →

End of Month Trading

The comments of the past two days prevail.  The S&P’s are trying to hold the 940 level with the coming election jitters setting the mood.  Market players and CNBC pundits are still looking for an October surprise. They still have 7…Continue Reading →

Impressive Rally so Far

Yesterdays comments are still in play.  If we decide to move into cash we will send out an update.  At the moment we see the market stretching through the S&P 1007 ceiling in the next week.  This T-Bond decline looks…Continue Reading →

Now What ?

Yesterdays market action was a much needed bounce off an extremely oversold panic condition.  A coordinated action by a number of country’s central banks including our Fed no doubt added some buzz.   As our longtime readers know, we have not agreed…Continue Reading →

Life is a Lot of Probabilities

Life is a lot of Probabilities Capitulation, when is it coming? CNBC interview based  Indications of a stock market bottom are either: 1)       mutual funds start buying,  2)      high volume down move making new lows and closing higher for the…Continue Reading →

Moving Back into Gold and Commodities

From a valuation standpoint gold and commodities are now at levels where we believe that they are a buy.  While we believe that later in the overall bear market we will see lower levels ($ 550 gold), that is probably a…Continue Reading →

Downside Testing…….Gold Update

The S&P’s have gone through the 899 level.  We mentioned this level earlier today as a lot of technical traders are also keying off it and to a certain esxtent it becomes a magnet.  Does it mean anything, maybe or maybe…Continue Reading →