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Watch China ETF’s

As the market takes a breather here, you might want to keep your eye on China.  The FXI ETF is the one we watch.  With the high level of stimulus that China has put in place we have seen a lot…Continue Reading →

Patience Here

There are advisers looking for areas to invest at this juncture.  In our opinion your time would be better served by waiting and watching.  For most if not all sectors, things are not bad enough to be bearish or good…Continue Reading →

Commodities Making a Top

Gold, oil, even ag commodities seem to be putting in a top after a speculative run up over the past few months.  Our comments of last week hold.  I am back from vacation and may have more to say as…Continue Reading →

Gold-Dollar Move Setting Up

The gold / dollar move is setting up aggressively.  This will be the area to watch over the next twelve months.  The dollar is making a base and gold and commodities are making a top.  At the same time stocks…Continue Reading →

Market Still Rotating

Wednesdays technical sell signal is probably the most important factor at the moment.  While it is not a major signal, it still points to lower markets short-term.  If the market closes higher today, basis the S&P,  and yet remains under…Continue Reading →