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Back to Real Numbers

We have been in the midst of almost a month long bounce in the stock indexes as the guru’s keep telling us about how the 4th quarter decline was an aberration, all about the FED,  and thing are going to…Continue Reading →

A Move Back to Pre-1929

After some recent reading and research it seems quite extraordinary to me that leading economist’s are not speaking out on what the Trump Tariff initiative is really all about. It is not really about China, certainly they are a part…Continue Reading →

Old Rule of Thumb

Fade the first move out of a quiet period. Sidepoint.. Reading “Globalists” by Quinn Slobodian. Enlightening as to how the neoliberal movement involving Hayek developed. It is interesting to see how the Thatcher/Reagan/Friedman conservatives tried to piggyback on that work,…Continue Reading →

The 200 Day Attraction

We are seeing a lot of stocks, including the Fangs and the S&P index bouncing back up to the 200 day average.  Pretty impressive, but it does not negate the November-December rollover. Probably my main concern is whether Fed Chairman…Continue Reading →