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Cramer is ??

Last night’s Mad Money showman, Cramer was screaming that the “Market is saying the world is over”, what is he talking about?  We all know that the market is not about bullish or bearish but simply buying value or selling…Continue Reading →

Short-Term Comment

11:15 AM CDT:  While this does not change our predominant macro view, the stock indexes this morning have held at a level where another bounce is possible.

Look at the Drivers

A few eyes are on the Fed meeting report today, but not many.  They are the sideshow watching what they helped build. Today the drivers of economic activity are a deadly combination of unemployment and consumer/real estate  debt.  Nothing being…Continue Reading →


Yesterdays NYT article expands on the theme that is central to where the markets are headed.  We are in the hands of the political forces.  Hopefully enough of Washington will pay heed to what Krugman outlines. At the moment…Continue Reading →


I seem to continue to under estimate the bounce capability of the markets after the March 2009 stock market lows.  The bounce off the big 2007 to 2009 period tested the upper 62 percent retracement limit and this current bounce…Continue Reading →

That was the Summer Rally

Yesterdays highs saw the major indexes push up to the 44 to 48 percent level, almost the middle of the traditional 38 to 62 percent bounce levels.  Lower housing starts may temper things a bit, but with house prices still…Continue Reading →