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Building for a Breakout

It appears to us that the big three;  Stocks, Bonds, and the Dollar, appear to be setting up for major breakouts, the Bonds and Dollar to the upside, and stocks to the downside. Mauldin Economics, see our links section in…Continue Reading →

The FED’s Deflation Battle

The market turmoil that was started with QE3 in September 2012 has a long tail.  In May 2011 the (most available commodity tracking information) the DBC ETF had its rebound high from the 2008 decline.  Since then the decline accelerated…Continue Reading →

Trump Blew It

If you have not had a chance to review portfolio charts in yesterday’s blog , do so.  We will be soon adding a subscription section in Portfolio where the makeup and changes will be followed as they occur. Keep in…Continue Reading →