Markets have a lot to Learn…

 These comments have been pulled from our November 6 Blogpost,

I have always identified myself as a contrarian, or some would say a cynic, and that may be the case. But these days I feel my driving force may be more like Common Sense.

Today’s headwinds are large.

  1. Eleven years of QE have spoiled investors and market forecasters.
  2. Forty years of Reagan’s Trickle Down are history.
  3. Forty years of tax benefits to private investors and corporations are history.
  4. Climate Change is real and will be more real when hundreds of thousands of people die from fires and floods. No one wants to fund the fix. Consequently, this requires government to step in like it does for Wars, fund what is needed. That is why the Deficit relationship to GDP is now at WWII levels. The deficit will stay there and climate fix based investment GDP will grow to fund it.
  5. Bottomline, this is a fight for our lives and you can actually invest to help the fight.

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