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Dancing around the 50 Yard Line

The stock and metals markets are seeing a lift today as they move back above the swingpoints mentioned yesterday.  Our view on the bond market is becoming more solidified as we are putting more emphasis on long term value and…Continue Reading →

More QE3 Talk

At least there is one Fed Governor, Laker, who speaks the truth, essentially he yesterday said that more QE will not solve the problem, ie the problem is outside the Fed.  No change in views other than on T-Bonds, while…Continue Reading →

More of the Same

We are trying to keep it simple from a macro sense.  We are long dollar and short stocks with the ag ETF DBA our only long commodity play.  This ETF is up about 8 percent from the 27.10 breakout and we…Continue Reading →

Back to Danger Area

As all regular readers know, outside of my own analysis, I like to read John Mauldin and John Hussmann’s weekly comments, see links section. John Hussmann has a good article out this week, see here: The market in the…Continue Reading →

Volatility Returns

Friday’s rally was pretty impressive and overnight the strength has continued.  While I hope I am wrong and the bear market is over, the fact remains that the market has yet to get cheap enough to indicate a long term…Continue Reading →