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1277 S&P Swingpoint

Yesterdays low of 1277 happens to be the swingpoint between the years high of 1370 and the projected support level at 1185.  Update at 9:30 AM CDT: This works out to a 1324 lid on rallys from the swingpoint and first…Continue Reading →

Market Sign Posts

Some minor price levels are in play currently.  The April lows were being talked about on CNBC yesterday and those lows were taken out on the S&P.  It may or may not mean anything.  Probably the most important sign posts…Continue Reading →

Most Probable Scenario for Markets

When one looks around at market reactions to significant highs this year, the cattle market jumps out as a good example of making the forecast years high and lows within a few weeks.  The stock market could do the same…Continue Reading →