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Founder: Donald L. Knepp

Mr Knepp holds a B.S. and M.S in Agriculture Economics with some involvement in Industrial Psychology through his masters thesis project using the Birkman Method. This method of testing is designed to provide insight into what specifically drives a person’s behavior, with the goal of creating greater choice and more self-responsibility.  It attempts to measure social behaviors, underlying expectations of interpersonal and task actions, potential stress reactions to unmet expectations, occupational preferences and organizational strengths.

Mr Knepp’s career involved trading markets,  economic consulting, and AI trading software development in Chicago since 1970. A special memory that helped formulate his long term vision was a freshman level course in Logic and Design taught by Buckminster Fuller at Southern Illinois University in 1962. See Wall Street Journal Article below:

We introduced this site on January 22, 2008. A confluence of events had made it apparent that we should go beyond the occasional emails that we had sent out over the past five years that have focused on the forces affecting the markets, the economy, and the political arena. Our objective has been and continues to follow a contrarian / defensive posture towards investing.


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