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Maybe Too Much Too Fast

We have just trimmed back from our 20 percent long position from last week to flat now, equal longs and shorts.  S&P 500 at 1357.  With Portfolio managers doing some evening up of their positions this week, this may be enough…Continue Reading →

Where to Now ?

With the base established in the stock markets we are entering a more tricky phase.  In spite of all that has happened this year, exuberent stock buyers are still everywhere.  This means that short term technical indicators will get very…Continue Reading →

No Room for Surprises Today

The mentality that got the market in trouble six months ago is back again in full force this morning.  Up 50 points on the S&P 500 from yesterdays lows is not a good way to go into this FED meeting…Continue Reading →

Has Anything Changed ?

Our comments on Sunday afternoon before the market opened for the week stand from a perspective standpoint. Over the past week we have twice seen both sides of the huge 1280 – 1330 trading range .  Now the price negotiated for the…Continue Reading →