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Incomes are UP

PCE numbers this morning showed consumer incomes are up, this along with good employment report indications yesterday. That is the very important as the end of the FED’s Economic Destruction phase is here. As the CRB commodity index and oil…Continue Reading →

Clean-up Mode

Today is what I would call the clean-up phase of the bubble bursting yesterday, probably a lot of pieces of rubber lying around. Pressure on bonds completed the test of levels set on 9/4/19, kind of the base for the…Continue Reading →

Climate Change Portfolio

At this moment the stocks in the model portfolio are: Biotech: ARKG, SGFY, TDOC, VIR, CRSP, BEAM, NTRA, FATE, DNA, TWST, NTLA, SSYS EV: RIVN, PLUG, QS, BLNK, NIO CHIPS/TECH: ARKK, NVDA, PATH, MICR, SMH.PATH SOLAR: RUN, CSIQ, NOVA, JKS,…Continue Reading →

It’s Over

All the FED posturing that we have been enduring since June 16, 2022 is over in my opinion. As of yesterday they have succeeded in puncturing the bubble, congratulations. Of course, if they had done their job correctly, we all…Continue Reading →

Inflation is in Retreat

A little update this morning where in spite of all the FED encouraged carnage, the comparison of market value between today and 6-6-22 when inflation and commodities peaked is revelatory. See sectors ranked below. More good real news today, both…Continue Reading →