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Ben will not stop the move to Deflation

This morning the announced reappointment of Dr Bernanke has the markets in a hopeful mood.  Sorry, deflation is bigger than “Helicopter Ben’s” magic. No change in strategy. 8:28 AM CDT

China’s Best Investment, US T-Bonds

We continue to watch the China Market, specifically the FXI.  It is a key leading indicator broke down on August 14th and still is below the important 41.03 level on a closing basis.  Today an attempt at moving back above…Continue Reading →

Interday Update

This morning the market did catch at an important level , (the FIX traaded down to 39.10 and has now bounced up to 39.90, well above the crucial 39.36 area), so more rebound in the markets is probable before the market…Continue Reading →