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FED messaging…

FED messaging needs a critical look, Powell could get his credibility back if he admitted that 13 years of low rates was a mistake and that they were taking rates back to a normal level. This talk of punishing markets…Continue Reading →

Digging the Hole

Today’s action is critical, i.e. to take out the SPX 4001 level and set the trap. Now you can be a buyer anyplace between 3910 and 4001. Safe trade is probably to put in an open buy stop at 4046…Continue Reading →

No Jerome Pivot

No Jerome surprise, he is not going to pivot, but that is not the point. Underlying New Economy factors remain in place. Our underlying fundamental algo basket turned bullish this week, will let the short, big money fed follower group…Continue Reading →

Jackson Hole..

At the end of this ho-hum day, My thoughts going into Jackson Hole: * 3.5 percent is not a high interest rate, really a LT neutral rate. * Jerome wants it all, there will be no Pivot, let’s call him…Continue Reading →


Market is sending a message. Today’s early test of the top of the buy area on SPXL, 85.70 is good. It probably says that 81.20 will not be reached. But be patient, still 3 more days till JH. A close…Continue Reading →

Strategy Week

Main points, first, I continue to view June as the bottom in the market, secondly, I view investment in efficient production and use of energy as the biggest driver going forward. Hedge trades at various points in the 3X short…Continue Reading →

Hedges Lifted…

11:25 AM CDT I don’t want to turn this blog into a day trading mode, but for what it is worth the hedge model lifted hedges in SQQQ at 36.60.