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Happy New Year

We have made no changes in the portfolio since the last listing in mid-December.  Our comments of December 23rd still are a good reflection of the bigger picture. Bad data will still keep coming but the market is looking forward. …Continue Reading →

Keeping Perspective

As the market winds down the holiday period it gives all of us time to reflect and look at the future. To us some things stand out: 1) Headlines tell a story. In looking at headlines this month a couple…Continue Reading →

Buy and Hold

Unless something new happens we are going to stay with the Hold part of Buy and Hold on stocks through the holidays.  The large amount of current negativity seems to blend with the relatively large amounts of future hope.  Daily…Continue Reading →

No Changes

Maybe it is the Holidays, but we don’t see much new to change the macro view from what we have expressed recently. 8:16 AM CST

Market is Still Scared

Even though the S&P index closed over 910 yesterday the market is not convinced that higher prices are in store.  The fact that the perception of higher prices seems to be based on bailouts and cheap interest rates does not…Continue Reading →

ETF Portfolio

         EUREKA  ETF  MODEL PORTFOLIO      $ 1,000,000  Account                   Conservative Account As of close on 12/15/08   SYMBOL  Description Leverage                                                  Ratio         Positions      (Face Value)                      INDEXES SSO          Ultra S&P Pro Shrs      2.0                 $                 0          $                    0    SPY           S&P 500                        1.0                 $     101,000         $       101,000     DIA           Dow 30                          1.0                …Continue Reading →

Pilot Project

No change in positions today. Fed meeting today along with auto rescue will continue to predominate.  As to our view of the markets you may want to reread comments of the past few weeks.  As the Fed tries to put…Continue Reading →

The Obama Trade

CNBC has coined a name for the market action in which the market ignores bad economic data and moves higher on hope of a change. How long can this trade continue and will it survive until change can actually be put in place?…Continue Reading →

A Lethal Mix

A mix of full moon and last stand Republicans make for a sorry situation.  It will take a couple of days to see if this is the head fake or if this is a fatal blow to the recovery. 7:37 AM…Continue Reading →