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A Dramatic Test Setup

The efforts of the FED and Washington to jawbone the markets out of the Christmas eve swoon are increasingly impressive, but the key question is, does it change the Macro environment.  We will soon find out if January 26, 2018…Continue Reading →

The Pending Surprise

In my opinion, what happened with Lindsay this morning, see below, is the primary market factor going forward, Corporate CEO trade based optimism has led them into ignoring real demand and has induced the building of unsold inventory.  Ironically government…Continue Reading →

Mauldins View

As long term readers know, we only mention a few information sources that we follow. One is John Mauldin’s letter, here is the one from last Saturday.  It echo’s much of my take on things currently.   John Mauldin  4/6/2019…Continue Reading →

Reality vs Hype

Is there no resistance to this phenomenon? It seems a bit like unprecedented times, with the FED caving to White House pressure and an orchestrated output of known negatives being declared positives by the White House.