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Dow 11,060

With yesterdays market action the Dow and the S&P 500 are under our flash crash warning signal.  For the Dow that means the minor support level at 11, 360 and major support at 11,060 is in play over the next…Continue Reading →

Flash Crash Territory

Two of the six markets that we apply the flash crash criteria have triggered their warning signals, the Mid Cap 400 and the Transportations.  If the S&P and Dow stay around the levels where they closed yesterday they will trigger…Continue Reading →

Hope of QE 3

That is where we are now that the Republicans finished off the Reagan era of voodo economics.  It will be interesting to watch Bernanke’s testimony to Congress today.  I will be content if the pattern, which I agree to, continues…Continue Reading →

Waiting for the Other Shoe

As the stock market summer relief rally stalls and Washington builds to a crisis it may be a good time to read a couple of good articles that are pertinent to what we are seeing unfold.