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The Long Tail

The long tail of overvalued stock market pricing, courtesy of tax payers (via the Fed) and forty years of trickle down supply side economics is in your face right now. With the low volume of trading inside the Bubble only…Continue Reading →

Narrowness at the Peak

Today we are seeing more of what has been shown as the Bubble narrows. Fewer big stocks and Bitcoin are keeping the S&P viable but the market is falling away around it.

Getting back to Normal

The Adjustment.. The markets seem to be taking over the idea that Omicron is the last of Covid, that it will burn out by infecting all the no-vaxers. Those no-vaxers remaining will limp forward and stop vectoring the virus around…Continue Reading →

The Bubble Held

We didn’t see a close under 4440 on the S&P this week, so back to rotation mode for a while. The market seems to see blue skies ahead, thinks this is the last hurrah for COVID as more and more…Continue Reading →

Bubble is Leaking

And that is a problem. A leaking bubble, one based on reduced economic activity, leaves a mess that is difficult to clean-up, it just kind of drapes over everything. If on the other hand, the FED would have acted earlier…Continue Reading →

Market in Paralysis

Everything points to a FED forced Pivot, yet the market refuses to acknowledge or pivot their views or positions. One point that I have made many times during the Bubble, not everyone will be able to get out of a…Continue Reading →