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Rallying in a Vaccum

 The Stock Market has a quandary, the news is good, GDP is positive, home sales are good, jobs have quit declining, etc.  What we are watching however, is that the speculative money is moving out of the markets and the…Continue Reading →

Dollar Breakout Confirmed Yesterday

The 77.50 level on the dollar index at 77.50 was breached yesterday.  Interest rates are headed higher.  Watch the China ETF “FXI”.  We have mentioned before that the 43.76 high for this ETF on August 3rd, 2009 has been an…Continue Reading →

What’s Next ?

With the turn in the dollar last week the markets have gone into a stalemate stage.  Commodities and gold have rolled over significantly.  Stocks are holding their own based on continuing stop gap measures around the world and it has…Continue Reading →

Dollar is in Charge Now

The upside thrust of the dollar today pretty much indicates that the min-bubble in commodities and stocks which took over in early August is really over.

No Breakouts Yet

The dollar index DX found some resistance at old levels of 76.25 and the S&P Index has a line of support at 1076.  With a little time, maybe two or three weeks the real punch will arrive and these resistance…Continue Reading →

More to Read

Following up on yesterdays reading links, this weeks article by John Hussman of the Hussman Funds is worthwhile.  Go to our main website and then the links section.