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Playing Out the Scenario

Early trading today shows that we may be seeing the breakout from the top formation that keyed on the August 7 market action. Apple and Walmart Diversion Watch the Wall Street Diversion effort going on today with Apple and Walmart…Continue Reading →

It’s Over

The hype, the manipulation, the lies. It’s a strange quiet morning. Is this how the market rolls over after all the turmoil since January 2018. It is almost like the election will just be a confirmation of a new world….Continue Reading →

Today’s Fed Meeting

Here are my brief thoughts: Fed Highlights today 1. No ZIRP inclination 2. Higher inflation goal 3. Stimulation needed for economy What Really Happens 1. Debt in charge, FED, Fiscal, and Zombies 2. Yield curve steepens 3. Growth will remain…Continue Reading →