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3 or 4 Bubbles ??

Here we are, the last day of an eventful week. Of course, the big question is what happens in Ukraine. In doing a bit of research on the subject, I have come to the realization that the biggest battle is…Continue Reading →

What Now?

I misjudged how aggressive Putin would be. Fortunately, most of my ammo was waiting for a move above 4444 on the S&P. At the moment I am now getting a little long some individual stocks that have gotten beaten up…Continue Reading →

Market is Fearful

After a month’s posturing the market is taking on some fear, that is probably good. One thing is obvious, media is taking up the negative side of the equation. That leads to more of the 4371 to 4517 S&P trading…Continue Reading →

A Trading Day Setup

with update at 9:35 AM CST Inventory Report, see below. Defensive Market… The market seems a little defensive this morning in early trade, like no one knows what to do. 4517 is key S&P number today, 4662 is looming. Market…Continue Reading →

Big Story, Today

The big story remains, “where is the Funny Money now?” This comparison will go on until one of two things happen: real interest rates go to 2.5 % (the average for maybe the past 1000 years) which with todays inflation…Continue Reading →

Paralyzed Market

This morning I see a market faceoff between the Liquidity Bulls and the Media (Ukraine-Interest Rate) Bears. History says, don’t sell a quiet market. Does that mean you should be a buyer? Watch closely. My take, sometime in the next…Continue Reading →