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Calling Tops

If one  is so inclined into calling major tops and bottoms in the markets it will become quickly apparent that with some practice, calling bottoms is much easier than calling tops.  In recent times the March 2009 and October 2010…Continue Reading →


Apple is a great marketing success.  However, I believe it faces some big headwinds even in China as we are now entering a period where the consumer is backing away from discretionary purchases.  While Apple is not part of the consumer discretionary stock sector that…Continue Reading →

Roll over Action

The CNBC market pundit crew, which has a big impact on short term trading,  remains bullish on the stock market as they focus on the micro corporate profit picture.  The area to watch for in terms of market action is…Continue Reading →

Adjusting to Reality

Yesterday’s light volume rally, I saw a tweet calling it the ghost rally, is typical of a market that has over extended itself in a macro sense.  We have increased our short position to 2.5 times leverage on our aggressive…Continue Reading →

Transition Trading

As the markets flop around here and make the transition to somewhat lower election year levels here is a great article from Sheila Bair in the Washington Post on how to get rid of income inequality: