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No Changes in Positions

There were some articles over the weekend that seemed worth reading: And of course the Supreme Court and health care will provide a little zip to the week.

1160 S&P, 1250 Gold Targets

I will be out tomorrow.  Unless something changes, we would be looking for the levels above by end of September and probably will not be posting very often between now and then.

Against the Crowd

Based on CNBC’s Fast Money show, our positions are strongly against the crowd with virtually all of them calling for a retest of the years high in stocks.  I have to say that following the long-term play book has some…Continue Reading →

S&P Strategy Update

The so-called market is setting itself up for good news over the coming week as it expects some positive steps in Europe and a US Fed that will fuel the economy.  To me the expectations will be greater than the…Continue Reading →