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YIN / YANG Markets

Opposites continue to prevail, down days versus up days, gold/reflation versus rising stock markets.  I will go out on a limb this morning and say that within the next two days the stock market will take out last weeks highs…Continue Reading →

Nothing New Today

You can reread our posts of this week.  The market is up against a resistance level and has not been able to break through the 840 level on the S&P.  The easy thing remains, take profits.  For us this juncture…Continue Reading →

More Thoughts Today

The October 2008 momentum low day is important to us.  Most markets had a big rally that day after making the lows early in the day.  As such the closes for that day have upward indication significance.  For the stock…Continue Reading →

Things are Good

In general the Sunday NYT columnists brought Obama to task for a host of issues, even Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich.  That is good.  But things in Washington are generally going the right direction.  We have said before that Senator…Continue Reading →

Market Tone is Getting More Positive

The fact that there remains an active seller bias means that while we are looking for an upside exit point on the stock market, the objective is probably increasing from the levels mentioned earlier this week.  In the very short run,…Continue Reading →