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A new Bear Script…

The bears are trying to change the story, to ignore causative factors and focus on results. As the chart shown yesterday indicates, the volatility of an interest rate turn occurred on 5/10/22, Now the bears are hyping recession fears, market…Continue Reading →

Settling In…

To me, this looks like it may be a week where the stocks that called the bottom, the EV,Tech,Bio area, will slowly rise, while the action will move to heavily shorted areas where short covering will be the activity to…Continue Reading →

The New Economy

Following up on the direction we have been expressing since May 11, I am looking at the New Economy. The premise tahat I am working on is that the EV, Tech, Bio areas are the new leaders as the market…Continue Reading →

Which Brand?

Which Brand of artificiality do you want, the FED brand, or the Bitcoin brand. An artificial world conflicted by inequality…. The current wave of inequality started in the early 1980’s with the supply side economic theories.  The Artificial world grew…Continue Reading →

Oil in the Mirror

Big Picture, the Future, leaving OIL and moving into Solar and Tech. A little patience worked on the turn, and the future is untapped. Here is the USOIL vs SMH ETF relationship. SMH is the semi-conductor ETF that is part…Continue Reading →

This is the Test..

The test of the equation I laid out last night is being written. The EV/TECH positions are in place, this is where I put on the speculative long positions, SPX at 3685.

My FOMC Reaction

The market seems to be in sync with Powell’s attempt to try to correct the error. There are signs inflation and commodities either have or are peaking. Additionally, at this part of the cycle it appears that interest rates have…Continue Reading →