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Its More Than Europe

If one looks at the charts it is evident that the dollar/yen and dollar/euro rates started changing after November 3, the date that QE2 details were confirmed.  The QE2 anticipation bubble in stocks, commodities, and precious metals started a slow…Continue Reading →

Special Report…QE2 Explained

    Quantitative Easing Explained       What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here.

We had the Bounce Yesterday

Yesterday’s bounce in equities and commodities and declines in the dollar has set the market up for confirmations of the coming market moves.  Closes below this weeks lows in the coming period, probably just after Thanksgiving  in stocks and commodities will…Continue Reading →

Few Changes from Yesterday

Travelling tomorrow.  GM IPO should be good for everyone except the buyers.  As I see up to a 28 percent downside valuation risk to the market here, it would follow that with the value investors thinking GM is worth $…Continue Reading →

What Now ?

The stock and commodity markets in a sense had breakaway moves to the downside yesterday.  Now the lows of Monday stand out as upside resistance for a potential bounce point in the upcoming time period.  Also, the GM IPO will…Continue Reading →