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Macro Pattern

Last week we made a couple of posts concerning the macro pattern that is evolving.  We don’t anticipate making a lot of comments between now and early September when the breakaway should occur.

Risk is Down

Yesterday I was travelling by car.  That can be dangerous because it is easy to listen to Sirius and CNBC too much.  But it was interesting hearing the commentators and guests explain that the risk for investors is that they…Continue Reading →

Iphones, the last Hurrah

While Rome burns, everyone will be able to call each other and look for restaurants that are still open.  The current knee-jerk rally in the stock  market is a clear indication that most people don’t get it.  Washington is wasting…Continue Reading →

Breakout or Blowoff

Today is a key day for the summer trading range.  Last Monday the market that provided the clue, which I didn’t take, was the T-Bond market as it topped out.  Today, just one week later the opposite is occurring, T-Bonds…Continue Reading →

Scamming The System

Just a short comment from the road.  The fact that Goldman Sachs had Hank Paulson to run through the line doesn’t create a recovery.  Yesterday’s Wall Street recommendations to buy financial companies doesn’t make a recovery either, in fact all…Continue Reading →