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Be Careful here…

Soft payroll numbers only push Bears to cover, they are not bullish. The trends did turn up yesterday, but wait a bit before becoming an aggressive buyer for the next wave. But here are my macro thoughts at the moment……Continue Reading →

Bullish Trend Breakout..

Repeating our summary from Monday’s post: So, we are locked into long term bullishness and short term bearishness from a trading standpoint. We will let you know when both time frames coincide, but for now the Climate Tech Model is…Continue Reading →

What Now?

With Jackson Hole now history, what is front and center now? The quick answer for me is to watch the chart of stock prices net of the negatives, which to our Climate Tech Model include: 1) average market interest rates,…Continue Reading →

The New Normal..

The Market seems to be fascinated with talk of a new normal. How about this one. Ackman has his play half right. Long rates are where the upward pressure lies, as the 30-05 curve says. However, Ackman may be on…Continue Reading →

Alan’s Choice..

Alan Greenspan is probably ecstatic, one of his stated favorite measures of the health of an economy is breaking out today, the 30 year is over the 5 year rate. This in a sense is just saying that the FED…Continue Reading →

First Down Day…

Markets for the past year and for certain the last 90 days since early May, have been extending a stealth rally. It is interesting to watch how this played out on the first down day. The Model’s Climate Tech positions…Continue Reading →