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Step Back One Step

There is a lot of anxiety out there today, and yet the market just keeps trying both sides of the 1335 – 1385 S&P envelope.  1360 remains the pivot point (one observer mentioned that I called 1460 a pivot point…Continue Reading →

Trader Comment

We are watching the 1360 area on the S&P today and tomorrow.  This is an important valuation area that could provide support for the bounce that is still possible to the 1460 level.  Also in terms of longterm technical indicators,…Continue Reading →

Possible Intermediate Bottom Developing

This week we are watching for a retest of the 1285 area on the S&P 500.  We think it will  hold and that it will setup a sustained rally into the mid March period.  Use whichever game plan fits your strategy.

Market Probing Undervalued Area

From a technical standpoint yesterdays higher opening and weak push higher wasted a lot of energy and did not setup a trade.  Now the undervalue area of 1285 to 1310 is where support should develop.  Housing, retail, and employment numbers…Continue Reading →

Aggressive Bear Market Investment Ladder

For investors/traders that use shorting in their investment strategy we would advocate the profile below during the bounce phase of the market cycle.        S&P Level                 Long Stocks               Short Stocks             Cash           1260                         50 %                             00 %                     50 %          1310                          50…Continue Reading →