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The Death of Trickle Down

Powell and the Fed are coming up to a learning moment, the moment when bottom-up and middle-out replace trickle-down which has been dominant for 40 years. Where will they get their signals and smiles, have to start counting buildouts rather…Continue Reading →

Land Speed Records

can run into headwinds. Watching stocks for the last year is like going to Bonneville and watching attempts to set records on the salt flats. In most cases success is a function of having the car set up correctly for…Continue Reading →

Stalled market

This is a day that is so quiet that I have time to allow a thousand titles to come to mind. For those of you who follow this blog closely you have probably noticed that now I rarely write the…Continue Reading →

Blow-off Confirmed ??

In an artificial market environment in which we all must play, an environment with overwhelming Federal Reserve influence, one never knows for sure if a signal is real or influenced. What we are seeing the past few days in the…Continue Reading →


How do you know you are in a blow-off, for me it is the time when you cannot believe a breakout signal has just occurred. I have maybe been around too long for the current period, but 2008 was the…Continue Reading →

Reopening Quandary

The chart we showed you yesterday showing the 144 day cycle of the S&P and how the current move is totally a FED inspired move. Yes, there are all the secondary things like Trump tax cuts, Trump tariffs, Covid, the…Continue Reading →