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The New Normal

Lately we have seen the outlook of consumers getting better while their income is decreasing.  How does this work?  Probably it is due to a better feel in home prices.  In any case today’s GDP numbers point out that what…Continue Reading →

We are Just Observers at the Moment

Interest rates are still the driving force here.  The stock market price is still relatively stronger than the T-Bond price.  This is a time to be keenly aware and see who lifts their finger first.

Deflation can be Deceiving

Ben says things are getting better, really, it looks to me that all that has happened is that the fat cats have bought up the foreclosed houses, corporations are squeezing their employees, employment is weak, pensioners are getting 0.5 % interest…Continue Reading →

What is out of Sync ?

Since June 3rd we have been talking about our expectation of a trading range asset market for the May to October period.  The bottom of  the expected gold range 1275 to 1500, was tested overnight at 1285 and probably will be tested…Continue Reading →

Getting the Consumer Back

If we want the economy to produce jobs, there has to be real demand, that means lowering the debt load that the consumer took on between 2002 and 2007.

Bernanke Break Point

This is Ben’s week.  He is expected to make everything well and the speculators are buyers of stocks again.  This leaves more of the same, traders buying highs and selling lows.  Probably the most important thing is that he will retire…Continue Reading →

T-Bond Special

Longterm T-Bonds have been getting a lot of press the past few weeks as long-term interest rates have risen.  Just keep in mind during all this talk of tapering etc, that the big story for T-Bonds over the next three…Continue Reading →