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It’s Obvious

The market is grossly overpriced and everyone knows it. You just have to have patience here on the short positions. Let everyone kill each other. The average S&P short position in our trading algo is 3608, 24 units since start…Continue Reading →

Tower of Speculation

We have just seen the inauguration, a true symbol of hope for this country. I think it could be somewhat like Jimmy Carter’s administration, a good time period for the soul, not so good for the speculator. We have just…Continue Reading →

Quietly watching

To me this week is a time to lie low and watch as we see the changes in Washington. Inflation expectations have been dominating market direction since the November election. Now we are going to see the start of the…Continue Reading →

The Big Mystery

How much of the current value of the stock market is due to manipulation? A lot of strange things have happened since mid 2018.

Stretched Analysis

We are seeing the end of 40 years of Financial system arrogance, especially the 10 years since Bernanke’s QE 2 in 2011. So we are seeing PFE, Peak Financial Engineering, there is no other way this could have played out….Continue Reading →

2021 Outlook

Good morning, it is Saturday after a tumultuous week. Before going to work on my version of the 2021 outlook I did what I do every Saturday morning, I read John Mauldin’s weekly letter. As usual it is a worthwhile…Continue Reading →