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Risks are Tripling

Since the start of COVID we have seen a one factor market, Jerome Powell and the FED. Now we are seeing two more factors added to the market, a declining consumer factor, and the inflation factor. All this as fundamental…Continue Reading →

No Surprises Today

Chairman Powell is consistent, he is willing to keep expanding the bubble into the explosion. Embedded inflation is lurking and consumers are getting scared. Market interest rates will move to the front in this scene as the meaningless Fed Funds…Continue Reading →

A History Lesson

I feel fortunate in many ways for having had the opportunity to be a part of and live through over 50 years of significant dollar related economic history. This due to the fact that I started trading as a member…Continue Reading →

What is at Risk?

As longtime readers can attest, John Mauldin has been one of my favorite market people to read. Here is his letter, out today, which does a good job at explaining the playing field. If one has been trying as I…Continue Reading →

the Picture is becoming Clearer..

Increasing embedded inflation is the story. Our long Dollar, short Stocks, short Bonds, core trade position, and the bigger, long Dollar, short Stocks, short Bonds, short Gold, and short Commodities position is developing in this position building stage.

Still in a Bubble

Friday’s employment report shed a little light on things but the fact remains, the market is tightly controlled by those who created the Bubble and they have not figured a way to get out of it without triggering a Crash….Continue Reading →

Waiting, Waiting

I have been on vacation for a week, out of touch other than by radio, came back into town to look at the markets today. It is like nothing happened for a week, the rotation in the bubble continues, just…Continue Reading →