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What Ben Did Not Say

“It feels like the economy is slipping back into recession.  I cannot believe it because I have given so much funny money to the speculators.  The middle class who are underwater on their home loans and losing jobs should be…Continue Reading →

Bernanke in a Bind

Ben is not the kind of person to admit a mistake.  That is the crucial factor on which the bulls base their case.  History says that Bernanke will opt for out-of-control inflation rather than try to get the house in…Continue Reading →

Gold is Key Now

Most markets are honoring the longterm resistance levels that will define the top of the trading range for 2011 (bottom and support for the dollar and T-Bonds).  Gold and silver remain the hold outs.  It will take a close under 1440…Continue Reading →

Inflation Scare

The Bernanke generated inflation scare, QE2 based, is probably over.  Any owner of commodities would do themselves a favor to have unloaded their position.  Stocks are just another commodity in this scenario.  Deflation is still the long cycles direction.  Just…Continue Reading →