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Cheerleading Wednesday

The confirmed sell signals of last Friday remain in place. The main feature of this day is CNBC feeling safe to cheerlead buyers going into the FED Chairman’s press briefing at 1:00 CDT.

Market Map

The Setup is in place. In spite of everything that has happened since February, I think the next four months will be the most memorable for all of us in terms of the interaction of COVID, the Economy, and the…Continue Reading →

Setup is Here

Two legs of the four legged stool have pushed out of the 6/5/20 equation with Gold and TLT (20Yr Bond ETF) up strongly. Now the short side of the equation is setup. Early in the week we will sell NDX…Continue Reading →

It’s Happening….

What’s happening? The collapsing yield curve and the gold rally are foreshadowing a downturn in stock prices. Two legs of the Macro equation are breaking out, the long gold and long 20 year bond. With all the optimism build into…Continue Reading →

The End of Deflation ?

Is this how deflation ends? Ever since QE 2 funny money started 9 years ago, economic thinkers have wondered how all this foolishness would end. I find it interesting that since the June 5th Macro Pivot Point all four legs…Continue Reading →