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Intra-Day Technical Update

The intermediate technical buy signals are turning bullish today on the S&P and Dow.  The Nasdaq 100 and Russell are lagging about a day lately, so we will need to wait till next week for those buy signals. 12:03 PM…Continue Reading →

More Technical Rally Confirmation coming

This market bounce has taken a long time to form.  So long in fact that the long-term technicals turned up before the intermediate technicals.  Today the intermediate technicals seem poised to follow and turn up, we will let you know…Continue Reading →

Hiding Under the Pillow

Market pundits are asking the big question, why are Hank Paulson and the Treasury Dept essentially doing nothing about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Our take is that they hope they can hide until the next administration starts,  in the meantime Goldman…Continue Reading →

No Reason to Buy the Market…except

It is going higher until the news improves.  So the bad news continues, earnings, sales, etc and the market opens lower most days and yet the general move is higher for now.  We continue to wait for the bounce top. …Continue Reading →

A Knee Jerk Week

This week has seen some knee jerk reactions to the recent selloffs in commodities, gold, and oil and the bounce rally in the stock market. The most important happening in August has been the bursting of the last bubbles in the…Continue Reading →

A Little Jumpy this morning

This weekend’s full moon seems to have made the market and us a little jumpy, both in commodities and stocks.  We have just bought back our stock position in the S&P’s at essentially the same price we sold them earlier…Continue Reading →