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Dampening the Next Bubble

There is no doubt the Bernanke sees the writing on the wall.  His reinstatement did not go smoothly.  The Volcker regulations are getting advocates in the Securities legislation and the Deficit Reduction Panel is being put in place.  Along with…Continue Reading →

Inside Week

Today we will talk about a technical aspect of the market.  Last week the S&P high and low were within the range of the prior week, indicating short-term indecision.  Today we are seeing the pre-market indicators pointing to a a…Continue Reading →

Two Markets

The short-term stock market remains event driven while the long term market is debt driven.  All this means is that the 920 to 1120 S&P range for the year will keep you on your toes.  Today’s events are progress in…Continue Reading →

What Now ?

The stock market broke through some critical support last week.  At the moment it may do a bit of digestion and have a little bounce for a few days but the breakdown is a strong indicator that the 920 S&P…Continue Reading →

Let the Macros Work

This week I made a couple of short-term comments on the market that could tend to muddy the waters.  This is an important time in the market.  Unless congress and the administration can really get a significant stimulus package going,…Continue Reading →

S&P Respects 1070 Level

Today’s bounce off of the Friday low is good information for the short term trader.  That was a short term buy area as our ladder numbers suggested.   The market has a lot to digest. Last weeks inputs from both sides in…Continue Reading →