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Worth a Read

  This article about Ray Dalio is worth a look.  I agree with most of his cycle work and the 2018 date he throws out is not far off the 2017 date that I use as a benchmark.

Nasdaq Bubble # 2

Does today look like something that you have seen before, like in 1999-2000.  Goggle, Amazon, and Netflix, the star children of Bubble # 2, and even Apple, the star child of Nasdaq Bubble # 1.9, have market action that makes…Continue Reading →

Gold now Back in Focus

One of the Macro indicators that we follow is the gold-stocks relationship. With deflation seeming to appear to be the main factor the Fed is fighting gold would not seem to be a market to pay much attention. However, going back to…Continue Reading →

No Consequences

With the Fed backstopping the action of Congress with easy money we are initially seeing a no-consequence psychology take over the markets.  Our comments yesterday pointed out the real economic issues. Bottomline, the Granville indicator still shows the market rolling…Continue Reading →