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The Big Switch..

It seems many market players are missing the “Big Switch”. This is the switch that has been building for many years, for over 40 years. As you all recall , this started with Reagan’s Supply-Side agenda that was designed for…Continue Reading →

Bears last Hurrah…

The Doom and Gloomers are keeping up the pressure on this important relationship, the 30-05 yield curve, but it is holding. The macro triple top in Gold, Aug 2020, Mar 2022, and May 2023, along with the oil double top,…Continue Reading →

Growth Staying on Track..

Latest estimate: 2.2 percent — June 07, 2023 The Fed’s GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the second quarter of 2023 is 2.2 percent on June 7, up from 2.0 percent on June 1. After recent…Continue Reading →

What Now..

Yesterday I laid out the Macro picture, past and future. Now we are kind of in a no-man’s land of little news and a Fed Meeting coming up later in the month. The high flying areas may get a little…Continue Reading →

Building Blocks…

All this talk about declining earnings and higher interest rates, all the negativity as short positions continue to build against stocks, miss the point. It has been around 270 trading days since the stock market bottom gave its early formation…Continue Reading →