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Here is a little update at 1:00 PM CDT. I am not treating today’s market action as a bounce but more as the start of something. As such the positions that we have been building over the past few weeks…Continue Reading →

Wake-up for Consumerism

You know my thinking, since March 2020, and actually since 2011, but that is another story, except for the four months of November 2021 through March 2022, the stock market has been heavily controlled by the FED.  That four month…Continue Reading →

Last Stage

today’s post is at 10:00 AM CDT as I wanted to see if my hunch from yesterday played out. First, yesterday was an extremely low volume day. What was that about, strange, but not in a manipulated market where someone…Continue Reading →

Open Mind

The market is looking for ideas, ideas other than that the economy is going into recession on the backs of a FED led move down. Yesterday we got two signs that the recession talk may be off, with good industrial…Continue Reading →

SPX 4082

That number is last week’s high. There are a number of indications that last weeks lows were significant levels, but most market participants seem to believe that they will be tested again. I am not so sure. Let’s see if…Continue Reading →


Last week was a big week with a lot of opportunities. Now we are watching what evolves. It is good to see one hand in the trifecta of manipulators, the FED and its crossbred team of Black Rock and Goldman…Continue Reading →