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Something is going to Give

Yesterday the price pattern analysis for the Russell 2000 stock index joined the other stock indexes in full bullish mode.  On the other hand our S&P 500 computer system is in full bearish mode. Granted the computer model is much…Continue Reading →

Inequality Explored

An interesting academic study that digs into the whole inequality issue can be reached here: It’s “Inequality, the Great Recession, and Slow Recovery,” by Barry Z. Cynamon and Steven M. Fazzari.

More on the US vs The Rest

Here is an article from today at Seeking Alpha that provides another tact on the question.    

Overlaying the Little Picture

When we started this blog a little over six years ago we outlined the Macro Picture and then overlayed a short term trading posture in the daily posts.  After the success in handling the 2008-2009 crash and following bounce through October…Continue Reading →