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Portfolio Returns

Here are the numbers from the Marketocracy Tracking Portfolio of our total positions for the Fourth Quarter 2008 to date, Year to Date, and from the 10/8/2007 Market High.  All as of 10/30/08.                                            4th Quarter 2008          Year to Date      Since 10/08/07 S&P 500…Continue Reading →

S&P 890

The S&P 890 swingpoint that has been around for some time sis being tested today. We are holding our positions in anticipation of the market eventually breaking through for a run at 1060.  840 now becomes support on any backoffs….Continue Reading →

Rescue Everyone

Well Hank has gone Turkey on us, rescuing everyone. This could be a bit of a long-term problem as the market sits between deflation and inflation but,  in the meantime the market should continue an irregular path to the 1040-1080 area on…Continue Reading →

Hunker Down Time

The market acted terrible today . The 842 floor area on the S&P didn’t hold.  Between Paulson’s actions and the Detroit hearings, despair is everywhere.  We continue to believe that the 842 to 890 area on the S&P was a…Continue Reading →

No Change

Yesterdays comments hold.

Cars vs. Bankers

As to news, two issues are at the forefront today; 1) the age old partisan battle between politicians backing financiers and the labor unions is at the crux of the Detroit loan impasse; and 2) we will see another phase…Continue Reading →

Reality Sets In

It looks to us like the panic in the market is behind us, but nothing has stepped in to the void.  75 percent of the overall decline from the S&P 1570 high to the projected 600 technical low of the…Continue Reading →