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Apple is behind us, back to Basics

While we know that there is a greater desire on the part of some consumers to have an Ipad rather than pay the mortgage, this will go away and a return to basics, ie the financial bubble trail will return.  We…Continue Reading →

16.77 and GS 117

That is the low for the XLF financial ETF on July 15, 2008, the first move down in the big crash.  In the very short-term measurement of this little mini-bounce from last Friday’s decline it is an important level to…Continue Reading →

How Big a Bounce

The current Long 17.6 year cycle started in March 2000.  Before commodities peaked in this cycle in 2008 we saw   Oil go up five times. Stocks gyrated around and peaked in 2007.  The markets that I consider kind of the…Continue Reading →