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Summer is Over

As of today, summer is officially over. While the Net Asset Values on our various Portfolios did take a hit this summer, our basic view has not changed.   (see comments during September.) In yesterday’s NYT a good article by Boone and Johnson…Continue Reading →

2009 Bubble

The markets have ignored the cycles as we see them.  This is nothing new, we saw it from 2005 to 2007.  This bubble will not last that long for obvious reasons.  In the meantime, if you are not a market contrarian,…Continue Reading →

It is not the Tire Tariff

The headline economic news this morning is the assertion that there is a budding tariff war between China and the US and that this is opening the market lower.  Whether or not there is a tariff war, there is no…Continue Reading →

Geithner Rally

Who would have thought it, a Geithner Rally, the light weight kid is positively giddy about the rally and thinks we now go for growth.  If that is going to happen he had better get tough with all his banker…Continue Reading →

The Consumer Gets It

The most important news on the economy this week is yesterdays report that consumer debt fell a record 21.6 billion.  On the other hand, the sectors of the economy that are getting bailouts, mainly Wall Street, think everything is ok…Continue Reading →