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Its Still A Bear Market

As I mentioned late yesterday, the bulls are getting their nerve back but unlike what CNBC’s Mad Money Cramer says, we are not starting a bull market, we are staging for a bear market bounce, and the top side of the area…Continue Reading →

Bulls getting their Nerve Back

Today based on the Feds announcement we saw the first rally into the overvalue area above 1360 on the S&P.  The market got beat back into the first tier of undervalue 1335 to 1360 later in the day and could…Continue Reading →

Thursday 1/17/08 comments

On the active trader line I advocated exiting S&P short positions at 1357 basis cash .  This is an extreme contrarian market call but the bottom pickers are scared to death today and even Jim Cramer is bearish.  A close…Continue Reading →

Wednesday 1/16/08 comments

The S&P market is currently bounded by a trading range of 1363 to 1461 and at the moment is close to the bottom of the range.  For me a close below 1363 would signify the verification of a bear market…Continue Reading →