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One Thing for Sure

We are sitting at a time in the economic universe when conventional measures sit at extremes. To me this means not so much what changes things but that things will change dramatically from here. Over the past year I have…Continue Reading →

Two Important Clues Today

Two relationships are making seismic changes: The relationship between stock indexes and the dollar is number one. 2. And the relationship between stock indexes and high yield bonds are an even bigger story. I am watching the high yield bond…Continue Reading →

It’s In the Air

I have mentioned the book “the Fourth Turning “ to all of you a number of times. One core item of the crisis period that is believed to be close at hand…. “It’s in the Air, how the crisis aspect…Continue Reading →

Waiting for an Excuse

Markets are basically quiet, sitting and hoping for something from the FED this week to spur more excesses. Let’s see if they get it. I plan to do more selling on Wednesday.

Out of Touch

Today it is easy to feel out of touch. Nominal prices are going through the roof, the stock market is basing it’s view on higher means even higher, real value has no place. All I can do in this kind…Continue Reading →