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Hope of Recovery

The GNP numbers, while much of it is based on short-term governmnet help, is today keeping the hope of recovery alive.  Long-term interest rates will remain the big issue, they are rising again today, and the dollar index should hold above the…Continue Reading →

A Little Perspective Here

We moved out of our long positions, built up in the Oct 2008 to Mar 2009 panic period, way to early, and followed with short positions.  This action had a substantial  effect on our short-term performance.  As of a couple of days…Continue Reading →

China Breakdown

Yesterdays close of the ETF FXI below 41.03 is probably the most significant event of the week.  Saber rattling between Iran and Israel and quarter end portfolio shenanigans were the other factors. Tomorrow we will try to list our end…Continue Reading →